Candle Burning Rituals

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Using Candles in Basic Rituals

Candle rituals have been popular for centuries. Even the simplest ritual of just lighting a candle is one that brings pleasure and relaxation. Theyre a source of light and warmth both essential for life. Discover for yourself how to use this book to pursue your personal goals. There is a spell for every purpose and anyone can learn how to achieve the results they want.

All you need is this book and the desire to empower yourself for a better life. Candle Burning Rituals. Yazar: Marie Bruce. They get results because the book shows you the right times and right words for enlisting the help of the Great Benefic Forces of The Cosmos. This is unlike any other such book: because its instructions have been tried and tested over and over again with many people by its authors , the New Age Fellowship!

Read how these powerful candle rituals have helped these people: photo-copies of actual letters available on request. I knew she would bring him no good.

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So I performed the ritual called 'to break up another's love affair' and I was overjoyed when it worked! Manchester "It looked as if my son was gonna get sent down for 5 years.

Remember . . .

The evidence was stacked against him, and it seemed a foregone conclusion the jury would find him guilty. It was then God led me to your book. I performed the ritual 'To get a legal decision in your favour'. I couldn't believe it - the jury returned a 'not guilty' verdict! Boston "My life was a mess. I had got into a business partnership which turned into a nightmare. My so called 'partner' was no better than a crook.

He had lied to me about what was really going on.

What are Candle Rituals?

We owed people money all over the place. So I tried the ritual 'To extricate yourself from a matter you regret having become involved in'.

Book Review Practical Candle Burning Ritual & Power of Psalms

It was the answer to my prayers. Immediately my partners attitude changed, and he even offered to buy out my share. I sold out and even made money on the deal. I can't thank you enough - that ritual saved me! Birmingham The New Age Fellowship was founded to research and make public candle burning rituals which really work. They found there was a method which made them work; and this method, applied correctly, was unfailing.

It doesn't matter how many times before you have lit a candle and got no result.

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How to do a Burning Ritual

This book reveals the secrets of past spiritual masters for taking dynamic control of your life! There are no difficult to pronounce words. No special clothing is required. No herbs.

Candle Burning Rituals

No Incenses. No equipment of any kind - only ordinary candles from your local super-market! You will know the very moment you open this book and read the special words that here - at last - are candle rituals that can help you. And you will know immediately your candle is lit that help is on the way! But these special rituals bring more than just 'help' for your problems. They can bring you a life of uninterrupted good fortune and luxury! With this amazing book you are shown how you can banish bad luck out of your life forever.

Practical Candle Burning Rituals ⋆ Alchemy Arts

You will be able to get money whenever you need it - seemingly "miraculously". It is all a question of burning your candle at the right time with the right words. God moves "in mysterious ways", so the Bible says, and things which once seemed impossible become common place, once you begin using these unique rituals on a regular basis!

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  7. Just think of it - money whenever you need it. Just think of it - the power to make someone want you. Just think of it - the power to influence people to do what you want.

    Candle Burning Rituals Candle Burning Rituals
    Candle Burning Rituals Candle Burning Rituals
    Candle Burning Rituals Candle Burning Rituals
    Candle Burning Rituals Candle Burning Rituals
    Candle Burning Rituals Candle Burning Rituals
    Candle Burning Rituals Candle Burning Rituals
    Candle Burning Rituals Candle Burning Rituals
    Candle Burning Rituals Candle Burning Rituals

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