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Grant liked a rum punch that had the taxonomy more of an elaborate dessert course than a cocktail.

So replicate these if you dare—we recommend the Truman old-fashioned if all else fails. According to Abrams, Washington kept a canteen of this wintry cocktail with him during his survey of the Allegheny Mountains in Pit the cherries and place them in a large bowl.

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Crush the fruit and strain the juice into a jar. Add the brandy and sugar, cover, and refrigerate for 24 hours.

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Shake the mixture occasionally. Put two cups of the juice in a saucepan over medium heat and add the cinnamon sticks, cloves, and nutmeg.

Let simmer for five minutes, then strain back into the jar. Store for another two weeks. Shake occasionally.

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Serve at room temperature. Store the dried, chopped strawberries in the freezer ahead of time to use as ice cubes. Muddle the fresh berries in a bowl with a fork until the consistency is all pulp and juice. Fill a glass halfway with wine, then top with the strawberry pulp, a splash of soda water, and berry ice cubes.

You read that right: mid-dinner. Stir the orange juice, champagne, rum, and orange liquor into the lemon sherbet.

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Store in the fridge. For the meringue topping, beat the egg whites and lemon juice together in a separate metal bowl for five minutes until the mixture forms stiff peaks; then carefully mix in the powdered sugar for another five minutes. Bake the meringue mixture in a degree preheated oven for 10 minutes. Insurance plans serve not only the financial obligations in the case of a disaster but often have an interesting investment component that paves the way to support important milestones for your child including higher education, investment in a business venture or other goals.

With the rising costs of education, if sound investments are not made early, covering the huge expenses for the secondary and post-secondary years can be a huge challenge.


Not Your Father’s Fruit Punch

When your children are still young, you have the benefit of time to select investments that offer the prospect of higher returns over the long term. There are educational insurance plans that encourage you to plan for several years ahead when you need the money. The only way to achieve this is through an estate plan; it will ensure that your investments and property and other assets do not go into the wrong hands. Review and update your will, trust and other estate planning documents periodically, to ensure that they are in accordance with your current status and intentions; you might have had more children or wished to include or remove some beneficiaries, may have acquired additional assets or disposed of some.

At some time or the other, you have probably had to fill out a form or some other documentation where you had to clearly state your next-of-kin. When last was it updated? It is important to check beneficiary designations periodically, say once a year, to make sure that they are up-to-date on all documents including your insurance policies, your next-of-kin form and your estate planning documents.

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  8. In Western cultures, the choice of the spouse as next-of-kin is the most obvious one, for example, the mother of his children is generally the person in whom a man places the most trust. In Nigeria, however, it is very common for a man to choose his brother as next-of-kin. There are numerous examples of widows having to cope with not only the loss of their spouse but also of all their personal possessions and property. Many people assume that if they pass on, their spouse will automatically become beneficiary to their estate.

    If you were to die intestate, that is, without leaving a will, your property will not simply pass to your spouse as you might think; strict rules rank your next of kin, and your property will be distributed according to laws of intestacy.

    Father's Day – Junk Punch

    In Nigeria, an estate may be subject to native law and custom, which varies from state to state; this may not be what you would have desired for your family. As financial literacy is not taught in schools, fathers have the responsibility to teach their kids the value of money and how to manage it. This is a life skill that will serve them throughout their lives. A financially responsible child that is taught to value money and who understands that money is earned through hardwork and learns to manage it prudently, will also make it possible for the family to achieve its long-term goals.

    In the final analysis, all the money in the world cannot replace that precious time for bonding, building and nurturing deep and loving relationships with your family. This is the greatest investment of all.

    Fathers Punch Fathers Punch
    Fathers Punch Fathers Punch
    Fathers Punch Fathers Punch
    Fathers Punch Fathers Punch
    Fathers Punch Fathers Punch
    Fathers Punch Fathers Punch

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