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Your item must be accompanied by the sales invoice before any return may be evaluated for processing 3. Returned items must be unused and in its original packaging with tags intact 4. If the item has a manufacturing defect; or 2. MJ herself became literally this Trope in the Ultimate universe, having lived next door to the Parkers since she was a little girl and, before their Relationship Upgrade , was the geeky best friend of an equally-as-geeky Peter.

Shellie from Sin City is sassy but meek enough to qualify. In Astro City , the Silver Agent explicitly describes his first girlfriend as this. He broke off with her because he was sterile, but told her It's Not You, It's My Enemies because she would have tried to stifle her dreams for him. The film The Girl Next Door clearly subverts this trope, as said girl is a retired porn actress played by Elisha Cuthbert.

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The main character only discovers this after they start dating, and it leads to a temporary rift in their relationship. Still, since she's basically a Hooker with a Heart of Gold , they get back together at the end. Andy from The Devil Wears Prada was meant to be the kind of girl you could run into on the subway. They're kinda pathetic - so you want to cheer them up. Beth Murphy wants a good man and a husband.

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Mary is a romantic who has been hiding behind technology. Julie from Flipped is such a friendly neighbor that she regularly gives Bryce her chicken's eggs for his family. She eventually ends up with her boy next door. Wes Craven noted he cast the actress specifically because of her accessible, wholesome appeal. Mary, the protagonist of the movie Saved!

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This is meant to show Mary as genuinely filled with the Christian spirit of compassion, in order to contrast Mary with her Alpha Bitch rival, who attends the same Christian school environment as her but is hypocritical about being "filled with Christ's love". Faline comes off as this in Bambi II , not being nearly as hyperactive as she was as a fawn in the first film. Spanking the Monkey : Toni is this to Ray, being a sweet and approachable girl from the neighborhood who is the only real person he can talk to aside from his mother. For Cassie from Animorphs , high fashion is socks that actually match for once.

She's also gentle in being the team's moral center and doing what she must but hating the need to fight. Sunshine has the titular character the vampire-slaying, magic-wielding version. Julie Sims in is a Girl Next Door with a rifle. She's described as being pretty, but not much more, and aside from occasional bouts of angst is fairly level-headed. Ruby, Ralph's girlfriend in Urn Burial has lived in the house next door to him since they were born, and whilst not drop dead gorgeous is plenty attractive enough for being familiar and not having any pretensions.

She is a pretty, cheerful, down-to-earth fellow Navajo cop who is contrasted to Chee's previous love interest, the beautiful, sophisticated, half-white lawyer Janet Pete from Washington, D. He's a retired widower; she's been a widow for a while now, and they've been good friends and neighbors for some years. Eventually they tie the knot. Live-Action TV. The titular character from iCarly , Carly Shay. Cute and feminine but not overtly sexual, Freddie's known her for a long time, and they have the Childhood Friend Romance and Just Friends thing going on.

Carly is popular at school and with her webshow without being the Alpha Bitch , and will rebel against authority if she perceives unfairness in the treatment of her friends. Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years is a good tv example. Amanda takes the Betty position with Kyle who also has the wholesome traits to apply.

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  • The making of Dina Asher-Smith: How the girl next door became Britain's golden sprint hope?

Also Andy and Josh have a very easy time becoming boyfriend and girlfriend because they're each like a typical teenage boy. Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls is straight up while her mother Lorelai knows how to put an outfit together, host a fun party and is a role model to Rory making her a double subversion.

Rory's first boyfriend Dean was the male version until he Took a Level in Jerkass. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer , Willow is straight up this, while Buffy's toughness mixed with her femininity make her character average out. The first 2 seasons, Buffy is very much this trope, befriending underdogs, having quick come-backs and being especially peppy.

Willow who has a lot of the Librarian traits also turns into a Crusader by the end, having lost her naive innocence along with Buffy. She even has a Childhood Friend Romance "ordinary guy" male protagonist Cory. She eventually ends up with her literal boy next door. There's even a montage of them being shown at different ages, from when they first met as children to them growing old together.

Monica Geller from Friends is a bossier and sexier version than most, but is down to earth, maternal, and The Heart of the group. She lives across the hall from Joey who was originally going to be her love interest and Chandler her eventual boyfriend and husband.

Girl Next Door

Donna Pinciotti in That '70s Show is an excellent example of the Tomboy version of the trope. Mary from 7th Heaven starts going out with a neighbor guy who she used to play basketball with. After she breaks up with him he says that playing a game together will help him feel more like they're friends again. Pam from The Office US is an adult version. A down-to-earth, modestly dressed Nice Girl with a shy crush on her best friend, and a big part of her appeal is how approachable she is, combined with her obvious but understated good looks.

In later seasons, she gains more confidence. Penny from The Big Bang Theory. She moves into the apartment across the hall in the first episode and that alone gave Leonard some hope that she might become interested in him. She is consistently portrayed as a fairly down-to-earth and friendly girl who helps fill in the gaps in the guys' social skills.

Still, as she and Leonard start dating, it's made fairly clear that if they weren't neighbors he wouldn't have had much of a shot with her. Betty Cooper in Riverdale , a CW reboot of the Archie comics franchise, not only is the modernised version of the original Betty , but she's genuinely nice , pretty , and academically inclined.

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Her bed-room window is literally across the street from Archie's, too. She turns into Unlucky Childhood Best Friend after her unsuccessful Love Confession to Archie, but then develops an unexpected albeit supportive romance with her fellow Intrepid Reporter Jughead Jones.

Her arc is all about the struggle to maintain her values versus what her new life forces on her. Vought's PR department goes to great lengths to present Starlight as this for her brand. In "You Belong With Me", she's the nice casual friend as opposed to his demanding girlfriend. Or that's how she sees her , since girly girls are evil! Patrice in Subverted in that Evan has not known her his whole life, rather he has just moved there and she is the first friend he makes. Kate Monster in Avenue Q , particularly for Princeton, for whom she carries a torch.

She grew up with the male protagonist, believing herself to be his sister, and though not overly sexual, has grown into his best friend, much to the annoyance of his wife, Rita. Video Games. To some extent, Alyx from Half-Life 2. Only debatable thing is that when she was living in Black Mesa, she was only a baby. But then came the Combine occupation and she became a rather hot tomboy by the time Gordon returned two decades later.

Since then, they've been together for most of the time. Square Enix redesigned her appearance for Advent Children , by shortening her hair to about shoulder-length, reduced her bust size, and gave her a more realistically proportioned figure along with a much more conservative outfit. Which was done because Nomura wanted her to have the look of a modern working-class woman.

In short: he deliberately invoked the trope to make her seem more approachable. Both are cute and have modest figures, though Rikku certainly doesn't dress modestly. Friday the 13th: The Game has Jenny Myers, who is explicitly called this on her concept art. The Legend of Zelda series features numerous females, several of whom, fall under this category: Ocarina of Time has Link's best friend, Saria, who is the most popular girl in Kokiri Village.

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Though her looks are best described as childlike, since the Kokiri don't age beyond their early adolescent years.

Girl Next Door Girl Next Door
Girl Next Door Girl Next Door
Girl Next Door Girl Next Door
Girl Next Door Girl Next Door
Girl Next Door Girl Next Door
Girl Next Door Girl Next Door
Girl Next Door Girl Next Door

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