I Believe in One God

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Do you believe? YES I BELIEVE!!! - Credo, Catholic Hymn from Nigerian Mass

The expectation of believers is to choose a specific label of religion. Nevertheless, every denomination of Christianity shares belief in the same God.

Part One: The Apostles’ Creed

The varieties of Christianity hold individual perceptions of Christian requirements. For example, the Catholic denominations believe in infant Baptism. As oppose to, the Baptist belief of Baptism at an age of consent www.

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In addition, nondenominational churches support a no pressure approach to the Lord. In my opinion, belief in one God need only require one religion and one set of beliefs. Born into a practicing …show more content…. The worst kind of sin is Eternal. Eternal sins consist of murder, suicide, or blasphemy. Committing Eternal sin is considered unforgivable and punishable to Eternal Damnation. I must say, I am in complete agreement with this belief. Another classification of sin is Venial. Venial sins include any sin, other than Eternal. Venial sins are rated by penance, the number of prayers a priest assigns following confession.

Profession of Faith

The priests place judgment on confessors to administer a correct amount of penance. Yet, the Bible clearly states, "Thou shall not judge". After years of participation in Catholicism, I find Catholic's to be arrogant and materialistic. Granted, this is only my perception, other churches and other families may support different views.

Nonetheless, Catholic in a word means universal, all, or throughout. The church seems to hold supreme seniority, then God.

Catholic's believe in the Holy Church as representation of the House of God. The build and decor of the church is exaggerated with symbolism. The manner of Catholicism is comparable to a government. As a mother of two, I feel guilty for I am an irresponsible Christian. Our family does not belong to one church. We do however; attend services for diverse denominations.

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I fear my failed attempts selecting a specific denomination may veer my children from God. In the course of our quest, my. Show More. Read More. Popular Essays. Unification adherents believe that God is positive and negative, male and female. The universe is God's body, made by him.

Jesus was not God, but a man. He did not experience a physical resurrection.

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I Believe in One God

In fact, his mission on earth failed and will be fulfilled through Sun Myung Moon, who is greater than Jesus. The Holy Spirit is feminine in nature. She collaborates with Jesus in the spirit realm to draw people to Sun Myung Moon. Similar to Christian Science, Unity adherents believe God is an unseen, impersonal principle, not a person.

God is a force within everyone and everything. Jesus was only a man, not the Christ. He merely realized his spiritual identity as the Christ by practicing his potential for perfection. This is something all men can achieve. Jesus did not resurrect from the dead, but rather, he reincarnated.

The Holy Spirit is the active expression of God's law. Only the spirit part of us is real; matter is not real. Scientology defines God as Dynamic Infinity. Jesus is not God, Savior, or Creator, nor does he have control of supernatural powers. He is usually overlooked in Dianetics. The Holy Spirit is absent from this belief system as well. Men are "thetan" - immortal, spiritual beings with limitless capabilities and powers, though often they are unaware of this potential.

Scientology teaches men how to achieve "higher states of awareness and ability" through practicing Dianetics. Share Flipboard Email. Mary Fairchild is a full-time Christian minister, writer, and editor of two Christian anthologies, including "Stories of Cavalry. Founded By: Charles Taze Russell, Succeeded by Joseph F. Rutherford, Founded By: Herbert W. Armstrong, Founded By: Dr.

John Thomas, Founded By: Frank Ewart, Founded By: Sun Myung Moon, Founded By: Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, Founded By: L. Ron Hubbard, Kenneth Boa.

Cults, World Religions and the Occult. Rose Publishing. Cross, F.

I Believe in One God I Believe in One God
I Believe in One God I Believe in One God
I Believe in One God I Believe in One God
I Believe in One God I Believe in One God
I Believe in One God I Believe in One God
I Believe in One God I Believe in One God
I Believe in One God I Believe in One God

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