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In a male-dominated field, it is impossible for her to do so. When she discovers there is a job opportunity with her idol Dr.

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Alexander Platt, who will soon be marrying someone from Felicity's past, she sets sail to Germany to fight for her dream. This book is a fantastic piece of historical fiction, riddled with sass, girl power, and a splash piracy! I know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but this particular work by Robert Beatty is certainly an exception to the rule. Willa is a young night-spirit who dwells deep in the woods and steals precious items from day-folk.

She talks to animals, blends in with the trees, and becomes one with nature around her. When she suddenly becomes ostracized from her clan, she seeks refuge with a man who lives in a cabin with his dog. During her time there, she discovers the importance of family and sticking up for what you believe in. This book will not disappoint you. This book proves that pigs really ARE the best pets! Thank you Jasper for your excellent and adorable research on the subject. I am totally obsessed with Andrea Zuill's work. This dark, beautifully-written fantasy novel tells the story of three sisters born with different types of magical power poisonous, natural, and elemental and must fight one another to death to become queen of their realm.

Such a captivating series!! This graphic novel takes you on an epic adventure with Taako the elf, Magnus the fighter, and Merle the cleric. They fight gerblins, they steal money from dead people, and rush into countless dangerous situations. Newcomers will be introduced to an amazing story that will make you laugh, cry, and feel a sudden urge to buy a new pair of bluejeans.

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Williams has written another gripping story that will totally consume you from beginning to end. Miranda Schuyler takes you back and forth from her first summer on Winthrop island at eighteen, to her sudden return after being away for almost two decades. We follow her story through adventures with her new rich stepsister, her secret love for a handsome fisherman, and the consequences of a sudden murder one August night. Filled with romance, mystery, class-divide, and drama. You won't be able to put this one down! Tommy Orange has provided us with a voice for a culture that is grossly lacking representation: the present-day urban Native American.

The book follows numerous Native American characters living in Oakland, California. We walk with them through addiction, depression, loss, and struggles to find their identity. It produced for me a heartbreaking realization that these characters represent real people living with devastating hardships. This book will open the eyes of its readers and force them to start up a conversation that should have begun long ago. Parks and Recreation star Retta delves into her life as a comedian, family member, and ultimate fangirl, starting at how she missed the opportunity of a lifetime due to lack of confidence and ending at the drive-thru of KFC.

This book is hilarious and empowering, proving that if you work hard and fight for your dreams, you can see the musical Hamilton six times and sit in Obama's seats. Treat yo self to a fantastic read and buy this book ASAP.


Libenson can do no wrong in my eyes! I was excited to pick this book up after loving "Invisible Emmie" so much.

The author does such a great job capturing the all-consuming issues of being an adolescent. From forgetting to do homework, to having to act in front of your whole school, hard times with family, and trying to get the super-cute guy aka your future husband Such a fun read, and such a satisfying ending! McAnulty has created a beautiful story about learning to embrace your uniqueness.

Lucy grapples with starting school after being struck by lighting and experiencing brain damage that gives her genius-level math skills, and some OCD tenancies. With the support of her family, her two quirky friends, and a dog named Pi, Lucy uses her math superpowers to take on the challenges of adolescence and find her niche.

It's a powerful book that supports girls thriving in a STEM field which is a much-needed subject in juvenile fiction. I laughed, I cried, and I cheered the whole way through! This book truly is horrible and wonderful. Stephanie Wittels Wachs reflects on her life before and after The Tragedy: The day her brother Harris Wittels, comedian and co-producer of "Parks and Recreation" dies of a heroin overdose. This is such a devastating story to immerse yourself in, and yet you still find yourself able to laugh through the tears while reading this book.

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This book is perfect for those who love dark fairytales. Alice has always lived her life on the road with her mother, Ella. They move every couple of months due to this run of bad luck that follows them wherever they go. She has an estranged grandmother with a small cult-following from writing a mysterious book of fairytales whom her mother refuses to talk about. However, when Ella goes missing in New York City, Alice must unravel the secrets of her grandmother's past to get the answers regarding her mother's disappearance. Such a creepy and captivating story! A beautifully-written and all-consuming fantasy epic series that throws you into a world of magic, adventure, and destiny.

We start in a small region of the Westlands known as The Two Rivers, where farmers, blacksmiths, and innkeepers lead a simple and content life. I cannot recommend this series enough. Go on a thrilling adventure with Alana and Marko as they fight for their lives and the life of their newborn daughter, Hazel. John Hodgman takes us on a hilarious journey through his time vacationing in Western Massachusetts and coastal Maine.

Filled with irony, reflection, and extremely awkward social interactions. A fun and quick read for those who want a good laugh! We follow Taja Brown, an African American woman living in Texas, discovering herself through adolescence and young adulthood.

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She faces relatable struggles in her faith, her love life, and her family. An emotional and lovely coming of age story! This book was such a fun read! I loved how crazy of a character Marge was. Every page brought a new adventure for the reader!

On to the Rescue: A tale of the Indian Mutiny/Book II

Bailey has created a shrine of our beloved leader for all of the underdogs - the ones who knew that they were not a Nancy, but a Barb. This book perfectly combines humor and wisdom while reflecting on the life of this iconic character. The story revolves around Sadie Blue, a year-old girl expecting a baby with her abusive husband Roy. The author makes it a little more interesting by looking closely into the lives of those who are part of Sadie's story. I enjoyed having the opportunity to experience the memories and emotions of the different residents of Baines Creek. This book provides an accurate representation of what it's like to go through the beginning stages of adolescence.

You start junior high, you make new friends, and you often lose the ones you've had since kindergarten. The protagonist, Karma, experiences a lot of bullying throughout the book that was a bit difficult for me to get through, but witnessing her strength and perseverance made falling in love with her that much easier. This felt to me like a big-kid picture book. It's ridiculous, adorable and a little dark? It's impossible not to fall in love with Jomny and the world he's created.

Anyone looking for a laugh, please read! It's one of the funniest books I've ever read. Lina is spending the summer in Italy with her newly-discovered father shortly after her mother passes away. Though she is hesitant about staying, her heart quickly warms up with the help of her new friend Ren and the beauty of Firenze.

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  5. A perfect summer read for those who love lighthearted adventure! Siobhan has always felt content living with her Uncle Kee and the quiet haven they have created in their home in Ireland. However, when a handsome American professor comes to visit, Siobhan starts to crave more from life. In "Girl on the Leeside", Kenney introduce the question of what happens when you discover there might be more to life than what you've always known.

    Incapability Brown (The Izzy Brown Stories Book 1) Incapability Brown (The Izzy Brown Stories Book 1)
    Incapability Brown (The Izzy Brown Stories Book 1) Incapability Brown (The Izzy Brown Stories Book 1)
    Incapability Brown (The Izzy Brown Stories Book 1) Incapability Brown (The Izzy Brown Stories Book 1)
    Incapability Brown (The Izzy Brown Stories Book 1) Incapability Brown (The Izzy Brown Stories Book 1)
    Incapability Brown (The Izzy Brown Stories Book 1) Incapability Brown (The Izzy Brown Stories Book 1)
    Incapability Brown (The Izzy Brown Stories Book 1) Incapability Brown (The Izzy Brown Stories Book 1)
    Incapability Brown (The Izzy Brown Stories Book 1) Incapability Brown (The Izzy Brown Stories Book 1)

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