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The Ripple Effect | Part 3

REM sessions combine several evaluation techniques to produce "maps" that tell the story of a program. Of course, these maps don't depict geography — they depict the effects of an initiative.

And, as noted, the maps also do more than inform an evaluation report. But REM also engages and re-energizes community members who need a shot in the arm as they get things done. Conventional evaluation techniques like surveys and focus groups don't do that," says Scott Chazdon.

Design for the Ripple Effect: How Small Acts Lead to Big Change

Paul community organizer Melvin Giles has seen the positive energy ripple effect mapping creates in groups. He's worked with Chazdon to conduct a ripple effect mapping session with participants in Ramsey County's Master Gardeners program.

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REM was first used between and to look at the impact of the Horizons program, an month effort to strengthen leadership and reduce poverty. Program leaders in Washington, Idaho, and North Dakota piloted the method to learn about outcomes of the program over time.

Each state varied the process a bit, but they all used the same key components of REM to capture and communicate accomplishments, as well as further community members' enthusiasm for taking action on issues. After learning about the Horizons experience, Chazdon and other CV staff thought REM would be an effective way to evaluate community development programs. Our clients benefit from having access to experts and seasoned professionals and also to a broad array of services throughout the entire communication chain We help businesses attract the right prospects and transform them into loyal and referring customers Ripple Effect Communications, located in Boston, New York and California, is the PR and marketing communications company that has changed the face of public relations to the benefit of its clients by using an innovative infrastructure, executive-only talent pool with client-side experience and unique pricing structure to result in lean, yet target-exceeding performance.

We are all VP-level PR pros who are committed to delivering superior service. We have distinct advantages in that we have developed ourselves as a source with the media in bringing thought leadership, vision and trends to the forefront for our technology clients.

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Solutions, that you need! The level of involvement will be reasonable, but commensurate with the degree of advancement the organization is being challenged to achieve. The program calendar lays out the monthly activities and expectations. The coaches are executive-level leaders who are experienced in ministry and management. Each one is skilled in the art of tactfully increasing productivity and proficiency. But thanks to a grant from the M.

Here is what a few of the participating CEOs and board members had to say:.

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Ripple Effect Ripple Effect
Ripple Effect Ripple Effect
Ripple Effect Ripple Effect
Ripple Effect Ripple Effect
Ripple Effect Ripple Effect

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