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NFL Salary Cap, Contracts, Salaries, Bonuses and Analysis

The Vikings currently are applying it to their roster. The Seahawks and Vikings in particular have battled tight salary cap situations. Seattle's struggles came in large part because it used short-term contracts on its players, generally with four-year extensions. That leaves a team with less wiggle room under the salary cap since the figures can't be manipulated as much, and it can create situations in which players seek extensions too early in the process.

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The Seahawks also were relatively active in free agency. Sill, the Vikings are functioning without significant problems. The Packers never faced these kinds of issues because they favored longer-term deals and never signed a player of note in free agency. For example, when they extended left tackle Tyron Smith to a record-setting deal, they locked him up for 10 years. That means the Cowboys will avoid the second contract issues that plagued the Seahawks and Vikings, and they also will have some flexibility to manipulate cap figures through conversion of salary to bonus.

As contracts age, they grow smaller relative to the salary cap. One of the reasons Lawrence received a five-year extension was the fact that his prior contract was expired.

He took one extra hop at the top of his drop, something he did multiple times on deep throws on Saturday. We saw him do that on the deep post to Michael Young that was broken up and he was late getting the ball out on the post route touchdown to Chase Claypool , but this is something that can be corrected.

The key is that Book was aggressive and took these shots. This was an aggressive throw but also a good read. Bowling Green is playing Cover 2 into the boundary, which means the cornerback will play underneath the deep route and take any out routes that come into the boundary.

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  • The safety will play over the top, but on this snap the safety is held up on the seam by the tight end vertical route. What I love about this play is not just that Book goes all the way through his progression or that he stays poised in the pocket. What makes this such an encouraging play is that Book actually anticipates the route by Tommy Tremble.

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    He knew immediately that he was going to go to Tremble, which tells me he is anticipating the open route, which is a part of his game that has been missing. This is the same route concept that was run for the touchdown to Tremble - all verticals. There is no hesitation from Book, and even more important he snaps the ball off despite the defense starting to close in a bit. It also shows that he was reading the defense and not locking in.

    Bears sitting QB Mitch Trubisky through preseason doesn’t make complete sense. At all.

    Instead, he reads it out, stays deep in the pocket and snaps the ball off with confidence. I already mentioned him being late on deep throws, and there was a third-down one-on-one to Claypool I would have liked for him to see. Book locked in on Kmet in the third quarter and forced an end zone throw into coverage.

    The clip below is an example of a play working because the defense is poorly coached and has average players more than it was about a great play by the offense.

    UNLV Rebels

    The deep in cut by Finke is about to come open, and Book needs to immediately throw the ball over the middle. Book Grade : A. Stats: , Sophomore quarterback Phil Jurkovec led the offense to touchdowns on each of his two drives. Jurkovec has now played in three series, and the Irish offense has scored touchdowns in each one.

    We got a chance too see Jurkovec run the offense for a series against the Bowling Green starters, and the sophomore played well. Jurkovec completed passes for 79 yards, and his pocket presence and poise impressed me. In this clip, Jurkovec read that the safeties are staying flat and Bowling Green is asking its Mike linebacker to run on a vertical route with running back Avery Davis. Jurkovec read the body language of Davis and also sees the vertical angle of the linebacker, so he throws the ball out to his right, away from the linebacker, which allows Davis to run under the ball for the big gain.

    He made three completions on the move and did a good job keeping his eyes downfield as he ran around.

    Baltimore Ravens position previews: It’s Lamar Jackson’s quarterbacks room now

    The problem is that Wilkins decided to break deep, which was the incorrect adjustment. Jurkovec did damage with his legs in the game on designed runs and scrambles, which is a big part of his game. Overall it was a much-needed performance for Jurkovec as the backup quarterback. He got to run the offense, he had a chance to make plays with his arm and legs, and he got a chance to continue getting used to live action in this offense. His level of execution was one of the many bright spots from this game.

    Jurkovec Grade : B.

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