Temptations Song (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Romance)

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Although she's falling for the House of Thorn scion, she can't reveal the secret that could jeopardise far more than her job at the flagship New York store. Zoologist Petra Gaines can't believe the gorgeous stranger who shared her bed is the investor she needs to continue her vital research. New York media mogul Chance Youngblood understands how important saving endangered animals is to Petra.

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Now Chance wants her to star in a television show - and turn their sizzling affair into a permanent partnership. But Petra is wary of the spotlight and wonders if their love is worth every risk. Belinda is one of those women who never shows up A Family Affair. Regan Donovan loves her family first and her job second.

Leila Renard is back in A dangerous Donovan. But Ben draws the line at going against his ethics, except w But Tate Dennison isn't the sassy columnist They hide their true nature from the world -- part man and part animal -- sworn to defend the human race against the untamed beasts among them… She was his first love, his only love.

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But trying to rescue his beautiful Ary from captivity is one w The sexy, fast-living heir to a multimillion-dollar news-and-entertainment dynasty, Dion Donovan is the man every woman wants. Despite his playboy rep, Dion's heart belongs to Lyra Anderson. He's never forgotten the kiss they shared Washington D.

Although she kept the truth to herself, Kalina can never forget the ferocious strength of the b After "the love of her life" broke her heart, Monica Lakefield vowed never to trust a sexy, sweet-talking man again. Dubbed the Ice Queen, she hides her hurt beneath her cool, corporate facade. Until the workaholic Lakefield heiress arrives at an exc As a result of her parents' messy divorce, Keysa Donovan refuses to celebrate Christmas or to let herself fall in love.

A successful marketing exec, she's positive she doesn't need anything or anyone else in her life to be happy. Until Ian Sanchez, h All it takes is one kiss Writing romance novels has fulfilled Deena Lakefield's deepest fantasies. But the rising author and art-gallery heiress still hasn't found the hero in her own life. Until she travels to historic Hilton Head Island, where Charlene Quinn can't believe her luck when she lands a major contract with L.

Even more thrilling, she'll be laying down tracks with none other than Akil Hutton in his private Miami recording studio. Despite Akil's gruff, ta Summer Haze? Or Love's Smoldering Caress? As head buyer for the prestigious Lakefield Gallery, Karena Lakefield travels the world seeking out the finest paintings. But there's one trip she'll always remember: a sizzling summer weekend with Samuel De Noelle Vincent may have led a wild and scandalous life, but really, isn't every woman entitled to a few secrets?

Now the former party girl is gambling on her future when she's tapped to get a new casino off the ground. Suddenly she's upping the ante Fashion model Tia St. Claire keeps things light when it comes to men She's got her reasons, thank you. But even she finds Trent Donovan hard to resist--he's sexy, successful, persistent and built for a woman's wildest dream Except for one passion-filled night after his father's funeral, Ty and Felicia Braddock's marriage had been cold for years.

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Now Felicia was pregnant She wanted a divorce Tired of their matchmaking mothers, Cally, Serena, and Nola decide to find men to pose as their boyfriends as their younger cousin's wedding approaches, but their seemingly foolproof plan goes awry when feelings get involved.

The ex--marine spoke with confidence and steely determination, but all Renny Bennett saw in his new bodyguard was a petite, doe--eyed nymph. Sabrina Dedune's feisty, take--no--prisoners attitude proved she took her job seriously. But suddenly the gor She's an heiress to a hotel chain.

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His hotel is in danger. Celise Markam, a spoiled and pampered heiress, doesn't want the life her family planned for her. After breaking her engagement, she moves to Monterey, California to venture into the restauran Love For All Seasons will keep you aroused with four sensually charges romances guaranteed to keep temperatures boiling no matter what time of year.

Publisher Series: Kimani Romance

Barbara Keaton's Spring Fling is a story of professors gone wild in Jamaica, that proves that spring From the ashes he was born and in the thunderous flames he will soon die. But not before branding her heart. Tayla Hampton thought she had escaped her past. She was wrong. It's caught up with her. Clothing designer Camille Davis is sophisticated, ambitious, talented No deal, no way. He betrayed her with her best friend. He lied to her and he was a murderer.

To Love a Knight Mills & Boon Kimani Kimani Romance

And the moment she found out he was back in town, Tenil Barnes knew that she was in trouble. She was the love of his life, and ten years ago he'd let He's never stopped thinking about her since that one hot night years ago. Now she's in his debt! ISBN: Add to Bag. Ebook also available to purchase from:. Product description Delivery Returns Customer reviews.

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Temptations Song (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Romance) Temptations Song (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Romance)
Temptations Song (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Romance) Temptations Song (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Romance)
Temptations Song (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Romance) Temptations Song (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Romance)
Temptations Song (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Romance) Temptations Song (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Romance)
Temptations Song (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Romance) Temptations Song (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Romance)
Temptations Song (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Romance) Temptations Song (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Romance)
Temptations Song (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Romance) Temptations Song (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Romance)
Temptations Song (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Romance) Temptations Song (Mills & Boon Kimani) (Kimani Romance)

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