The Coldest Equations: The Labyrinth Makers

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The Labyrinth Index: sneak preview! - Charlie's Diary

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Unfortunately, his attempt to stain the circular slab wasn't even close to what we were shown. The stain did not penetrate the concrete.

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The lines distinguishing the paths were meant to be a deep, dark brown almost black. In some spots they have faded to a pale gray shade. Well, that didn't happen. When it took him about two hours to sandblast a 12" square, I guess he decided it was way too much work and did a real half-assed job from that point exposing a minimal amount of stone. He said absolutely, and yet, he was not here one time during the entire process of digging the foundation and pouring the concrete. He was supposed to have the job completed for us in April and didn't finish it until November with one excuse after another.

He accused the subcontractor of not mixing the concrete according to his specifications. If he had been here overseeing the project as agreed upon, he could have made certain all was going according to his plan. End of story. Our goal is to bring this to closure by mid-Fall. Once again, thank you and please keep us in your prayers! I still think this is typical for stain. The problem with samples is that the maker labors over a sample of one square foot, getting a result that is virtually impossible to repeat on a larger scale.

It's a common mistake in the concrete business, and not an attempt to defraud anyone. It is, however, a formula for unhappy clients such as yourselves. I just returned from a four-day trip to California to repair a polymer concrete labyrinth that we made earlier this year. In five years, this is our first problem. The issue, which was also about color, defied the laws of concrete technology. I was able to do very little. When I left it wasn't much better than when I had arrived. The client is not happy,not are we.

We plan to return in October when we are again in California with our crew, hopefully finding a solution by then. We will do everything reasonable, at our expense, to resolve the problem. However, if we don't find one, we must fall back on the fact that we installed the labyrinth in good faith, in the same way as all of our others, which have been successful and none of which have ever had this problem. We would not be in a position to remake the entire labyrinth without a financial consideration.

As deficient as his service may be, he is very strong at marketing. It's too bad that you were not in a position to switch to polymer concrete when you had a chance. Tell your concrete contractor that Jasco makes a Sealer and Adhesive Remover that will easily remove the sealer although with some considerable mess.

In the spirit of Monism, are we sure Nyarli and Yoggi the most likely identification of the Sleeper in the Pyramid being Yog-Sothoth are not the same on some level? Keeping with my usual practice and not reading the excerpt—will wait till I have my copy note to self: get peorder in. Apologies for being a downer. I had that thought a few years ago, sitting in my synagogue with survivors and alzheimer patients, and realizing what it might be like if the two were together. She woke up screaming every night, reliving her experiences. Thank you for the AiW syndrome link; just emailed it to my mother, she has a bit of micropsia since her mild-ish stroke.

My head-canon is that Bob did successfully summon a very weakened form of Nyarlathotep, or perhaps a lesser avatar of same, and that it has been gradually gaining power, until it was finally able to manifest itself as "human" during The Annihilation Score, and it has been gaining power ever since. Eventually we will see that terrible, tall thin form with a head like an elephant trunk and a tri-lobed burning eye, or perhaps look beyond all the forms and see The Crawling Chaos itself.

What seems obvious to me is that there are two "successful" end-games available to the leaders of the Laundry. The problem is that each nation's occult intelligence service is likely to have a different candidate, making for problems at The Highest Level. Or more likely that the EU has a good candidate, the Black Chamber has a different candidate, and the desperate need to recruit Nyarlathotep against The Thing in the Pyramid has played havoc with everyone's plans. The other "successful" end game is to play the various high-level entities against each other.

We saw the beginnings of this strategy in The Delirium Brief, as Nyarlathotep took out the representatives of The Thing in the Pyramid, but I don't think we've heard the last of The Thing, who's riposte is likely to be thoroughly horrible. Lastly, what is The Black Chamber up to? They clearly didn't agree with Rev. Schiller about who to summon, and probably don't agree with the EU either. I guess we'll see in the next few days Charlie, what is the schedule for the book actually showing up in stores?

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Walk the World’s Most Meditative Labyrinths

BTW, Charlie, I noticed the last chapter of the "relationship counseling" sequence has a note that there are more chapters of the relationship counselling. Are we ever going to see those? We seem to be missing a monster. The cultists, back in The Fuller Memorandum , described the elder entities as a hierarchy: bind the Eater of Souls to get to the Sleeper; awaken the Sleeper to get to the Gatekeeper; subvert the Gatekeeper to bring forth the Black Pharaoh. My theory is that a lot of this stuff can be handwaved away as the mere humans don't really know what they are talking about.

They have scraps of lore, vague theories and information from unreliable entities that probably want to eat them but few hard facts. Read Equoid again. The Sleeper could be anyone in a state of non-knowledge - the same people who write weird grimoires also use lots of allegories. If the text said, " And also note that the cultists might not be reporting accurately - the "unreliable narrator" is always important in Strossian fiction, and they're working off of old grimoires, not modern databases of known demonic powers.

So I would say three things. The cultists may be mistaking someone's pathway to enlightenment for a hierarchy of mystical beings, and "Equoid" contains a profoundly important clue to the series as a whole. I thought that was because they where into sacrificing most of the good foodstuffs and so where starving themselves.

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My grandfather relived WWI and the Troubles in his last years. My father said it was a growing problem as the WWI soldiers aged, but it didn't get much play in the press. Any trauma survivor is going to be vulnerable to that. He had been in the 16th Royal Scots.

Joseph Déjacque, “The Humanisphere” (1858)

They went over the top on the first day of the Battle of the Somme; and spent three days fighting at grenade-range while holding a position known as Scots Redoubt, near Contalmaison. They lost three-quarters of their attacking strength. The book is out on both sides of the Atlantic on October 30th. I'll add a link for ordering signed copies in due course. As a special short-notice extra I'll be in Toronto, reading and signing early copies!

Be afraid, be very afraid. I think that was the US Ambassador with the golf course mentioned that had pissed mandate off. Neither is his Republican rival. It's some other charismatic and not-totally-stupid guy. Because, hey, it's a work of fiction and I didn't want to utterly piss off some sizable fraction of my US readership by dissing a real ex-POTUS or other prominent politician. I think the intersection of the set of all Trump fans and the set of all Stross fans must be very small, or able to read everything with a surfeit of ironic detachment.

Did you have the same troubles in writing a hyper-intelligent creature which I'm currently having for my Inferiority Punk story? How do you figure out what a creature who has a hundred IQ points on you is thinking? I'm currently exploiting human blind spots and making shit up, but I hope to have a couple real zingers by the time the story is complete. And it also doesn't help that my Inferiority Punk reads like Lovecraft wrote it That would be too inconvenient to spend several hours a day setting up such carefully engineered smoke screen when you can just stare your subordinates into submission, but probably he isn't as powerful as many other entities that threaten the realm.

This might be the first book I even use the real money to buy online, and oh do not trow me into that briar patch, because I definitely did not read electronic copies of at lest two other books of the series, not counting the freely distributed stories. The Mandate is not Trump; he's just so smart that his plans are ineffable and look chaotic to merely human onlookers, and he multi-tasks like crazy.

So pretty much exactly the opposite of Trump. In much the same way that an Abrams tank and a moldy fruit are not the same thing even though they are both green.

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The Coldest Equations: The Labyrinth Makers The Coldest Equations: The Labyrinth Makers
The Coldest Equations: The Labyrinth Makers The Coldest Equations: The Labyrinth Makers
The Coldest Equations: The Labyrinth Makers The Coldest Equations: The Labyrinth Makers
The Coldest Equations: The Labyrinth Makers The Coldest Equations: The Labyrinth Makers
The Coldest Equations: The Labyrinth Makers The Coldest Equations: The Labyrinth Makers
The Coldest Equations: The Labyrinth Makers The Coldest Equations: The Labyrinth Makers
The Coldest Equations: The Labyrinth Makers The Coldest Equations: The Labyrinth Makers

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