The Human Dress Code: The CIAs UFO Conspiracy

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Hopkins agreed, hung up the phone, and immediately walked to his door to turn on the porch light so the caller could see the steps when he arrived. Hopkins was surprised to see a man walking up the stairs of the porch as he was turning on the light. He was shocked when the man introduced himself as the person who had just called him. There were no cellular phones in In the summertime! The man's skin was a pale sickly color and he appeared to be wearing bright red lipstick, a fact which turned out to be true as Hopkins later watched some of the lipstick rub onto the man's gray glove.

Stunned, Hopkins did it.

US Navy confirms multiple UFO videos are real

He told Hopkins to watch the coins in his hand. The two coins simply vanished into thin air! Then the man told him, "Neither you nor anyone else on this planet will ever see those coins again. The man then said his "energy was running low" and left. Shortly after stepping off Hopkins' porch, the man himself disappeared.

A fellow by the name of Albert K. Bender was the editor of a magazine called Space Review. He was also the founder of an organization called the International Flying Saucer Bureau. During the summer of Bender apparently discovered some vital information pointing to the cover-up of the existence of flying saucers by the U. He had written several articles scheduled to appear in the next issue of his magazine. The next thing he knew, three guys show up at his door all dressed in black: black suits, black hats, and sunglasses.

They told him they had read his article, even though it had not yet been published. They told him his information was accurate, but that he better not publish the article. In fact, they told him that he'd better not publish anything more about flying saucers.


They said, "We advise those engaged in saucer work to please be very cautious. Super Secret ' Man In Black'. Here's a statement by Colonel George P. Freeman, the spokesperson for Project Blue Book at the Pentagon:. We have checked a number of these cases, and these men are not connected to the Air Force in any way. We haven't been able to find out anything about these men.

By posing as Air Force officers and government agents, they are committing a Federal offense. We would sure like to catch one, unfortunately the trail is always too cold by the time we hear about these cases, but we are still trying.

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Air Force General Hewitt T. General Hewitt T. Wheless sent a memo on March 1, to various agencies in the Department of Defense. Here's what it said:. USAF that persons claiming to represent the Air Force or other Defense establishments have contacted citizens who have sighted unidentified flying objects.

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In one reported case, an individual in civilian clothes, who represented himself as a member of NORAD, demanded and received photos belonging to a private citizen. In another, a person in an Air Force uniform approached local police and other citizens who had sighted a UFO, assembled them in a school room and told them that they did not see what they thought they saw and that they should not talk to anyone about the sighting.

All military and civilian personnel and particularly information officers and UFO investigating officers who hear of such reports should immediately notify their local OSI offices. In each case the person told me about this event without my initiating the conversation on this topic. Each person asked that I not use his or her real name if I told anyone else.

In honoring those requests I'm using a pseudonym for the individual. Understandably, there seems to be a need to tell someone about what happened. With the secrecy and intimidation still surrounding any event that has to do with flying saucers or alien beings, people who have these encounters generally don't trust telling someone who doesn't have a clue that these guys even exist. He was about twenty-five years old, casually but nicely dressed.

He walked up to me and said, "You know, I had something very strange happen to me and my buddy. I don't like to talk about it because it kind of scares me. He was clearly nervous and even stuttered a little. Here's what he told me:. Late one night in a state of semi-sleep, he felt a presence in his bedroom. The "presence" communicated with him and let him know it was from another world. Larry asked why all the secrecy and if they were real why they didn't just show up in the daytime. They told him that the next time he was with his best friend whom they called by name he would indeed see them and he would know it was them.

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Larry said the entire conversation did not exactly take place using words. It was more like he understood what they were thinking and feeling without actual words. For the most part, none of the aliens use verbal language, it is all telepathic, and sometimes it's in the human's own language. Many times it is a combination of feeling, "a knowingness", and understanding on a level we have not yet discovered how to describe.

6 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to Be True

When Larry woke in the morning he wasn't sure if he had been dreaming or not, but the experience was so vivid and unlike any dream he had ever had before that he thought about it daily for months afterwards. Larry's best friend was now in the military and he didn't see him for months. His friend returned home just in time for the Fourth of July, and they decided to go down to a local park where some of his family members were holding a big picnic. The two of them were just kind of standing around, when a black van pulled up about fifty yards away. The two front doors opened and two men dressed all in black suits with black hats and dark sunglasses got out.

Larry was startled because he began to remember his "dream. They too were head-to-toe in black, with shades. Larry said, "First of all, it was hot. It was the middle of the afternoon and well over 80 degrees, and these guys were in black, with hats! Next, the two guys who got out of the side looked different. They didn't look human. I can't describe it, but their arms looked too long or something.

Then they sat down at a picnic table and they all turned around and looked right at me and my buddy. After that he got real quiet. Then they just got back in the van and drove off. My buddy won't talk about it.

What Is Up With Those Pentagon UFO Videos? | WIRED

Behind all of the possibilities as to what the Real Men In Black are, is another view which postulates that the Men in Black are a purely folkloric element within the UFO phenomenon result of media influence, collective imagination, and autosuggestion. Some believe that these external threats are linked to extraterrestrial visitors and the UFO phenomena in general. I am 49 years, when I was a child two men in black would appear in my dreams. They had blank faces, I was both scared and not scared at the same time, I dismissed it as childhood fantasy until many years later at age 35 they appeared very strong one night, not to be seen since.

They are very real to me and I have always wondered why they protect me as that is how it feels. Ancient Code Community Compose. Post Pagination Next Post Next. Like it? Share with your friends! Ivan is editor-in-chief at ancient-code. You may have seen him appear on the Discovery and History Channel.

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The Human Dress Code: The CIAs UFO Conspiracy The Human Dress Code: The CIAs UFO Conspiracy
The Human Dress Code: The CIAs UFO Conspiracy The Human Dress Code: The CIAs UFO Conspiracy
The Human Dress Code: The CIAs UFO Conspiracy The Human Dress Code: The CIAs UFO Conspiracy
The Human Dress Code: The CIAs UFO Conspiracy The Human Dress Code: The CIAs UFO Conspiracy
The Human Dress Code: The CIAs UFO Conspiracy The Human Dress Code: The CIAs UFO Conspiracy
The Human Dress Code: The CIAs UFO Conspiracy The Human Dress Code: The CIAs UFO Conspiracy
The Human Dress Code: The CIAs UFO Conspiracy The Human Dress Code: The CIAs UFO Conspiracy
The Human Dress Code: The CIAs UFO Conspiracy The Human Dress Code: The CIAs UFO Conspiracy

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