When Lightning Strikes: The Return of Panggau Warriors

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A unique form of cloud-to-ground lightning exists where lightning appears to exit from the cumulonimbus cloud and propagate a considerable distance through clear air before veering towards, and striking, the ground. For this reason, they are known as "bolts from the blue". Despite the popular misconception that these are positive lightning strikes due to them seemingly originating from the positive charge region, observations have shown that these are in fact negative flashes. They begin as intracloud flashes within the cloud, the negative leader then exits the cloud from the positive charge region before propagating through clear air and striking the ground some distance away.

Lightning discharges may occur between areas of cloud without contacting the ground. When it occurs between two separate clouds it is known as inter-cloud lightning , and when it occurs between areas of differing electric potential within a single cloud it is known as intra-cloud lightning. Intra-cloud lightning is the most frequently occurring type. Intra-cloud lightning most commonly occurs between the upper anvil portion and lower reaches of a given thunderstorm.

This lightning can sometimes be observed at great distances at night as so-called " sheet lightning ". In such instances, the observer may see only a flash of light without hearing any thunder. Another term used for cloud—cloud or cloud—cloud—ground lightning is "Anvil Crawler", due to the habit of charge, typically originating beneath or within the anvil and scrambling through the upper cloud layers of a thunderstorm, often generating dramatic multiple branch strokes.


When Lightning Strikes

These are usually seen as a thunderstorm passes over the observer or begins to decay. The most vivid crawler behavior occurs in well developed thunderstorms that feature extensive rear anvil shearing. Objects struck by lightning experience heat and magnetic forces of great magnitude. The heat created by lightning currents traveling through a tree may vaporize its sap, causing a steam explosion that bursts the trunk. As lightning travels through sandy soil, the soil surrounding the plasma channel may melt, forming tubular structures called fulgurites. Although 90 percent of people struck by lightning survive, [66] humans or animals struck by lightning may suffer severe injury due to internal organ and nervous system damage.

Buildings or tall structures hit by lightning may be damaged as the lightning seeks unintended paths to ground. By safely conducting a lightning strike to ground, a lightning protection system can greatly reduce the probability of severe property damage. Lightning also serves an important role in the nitrogen cycle by oxidizing diatomic nitrogen in the air into nitrates which are deposited by rain and can fertilize the growth of plants and other organisms.

Because the electrostatic discharge of terrestrial lightning superheats the air to plasma temperatures along the length of the discharge channel in a short duration, kinetic theory dictates gaseous molecules undergo a rapid increase in pressure and thus expand outward from the lightning creating a shock wave audible as thunder.

Since the sound waves propagate not from a single point source but along the length of the lightning's path, the sound origin's varying distances from the observer can generate a rolling or rumbling effect. Perception of the sonic characteristics is further complicated by factors such as the irregular and possibly branching geometry of the lightning channel, by acoustic echoing from terrain, and by the usually multiple-stroke characteristic of the lightning strike.

An observer can approximate the distance to the strike by timing the interval between the visible lightning and the audible thunder it generates. A flash preceding thunder by five seconds would indicate a distance of approximately one mile 1. Consequently, a lightning strike observed at a very close distance will be accompanied by a sudden clap of thunder, with almost no perceptible time lapse, possibly accompanied by the smell of ozone O 3.

Lightning at a sufficient distance may be seen and not heard; there is data that a lightning storm can be seen at over miles whereas the thunder travels about 20 miles. Anecdotally, there are many examples of people saying 'the storm was directly overhead or all-around and yet there was no thunder'. There is no coherent data available. In the same year University of Florida and Florida Tech researchers used an array of electric field and X-ray detectors at a lightning research facility in North Florida to confirm that natural lightning makes X-rays in large quantities during the propagation of stepped leaders.

The cause of the X-ray emissions is still a matter for research, as the temperature of lightning is too low to account for the X-rays observed.

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A number of observations by space-based telescopes have revealed even higher energy gamma ray emissions, the so-called terrestrial gamma-ray flashes TGFs. These observations pose a challenge to current theories of lightning, especially with the recent discovery of the clear signatures of antimatter produced in lightning. The very high temperatures generated by lightning lead to significant local increases in ozone and oxides of nitrogen.

Volcanic activity produces lightning-friendly conditions in multiple ways. The enormous quantity of pulverized material and gases explosively ejected into the atmosphere creates a dense plume of particles. The ash density and constant motion within the volcanic plume produces charge by frictional interactions triboelectrification , resulting in very powerful and very frequent flashes as the cloud attempts to neutralize itself.

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Due to the extensive solid material ash content, unlike the water rich charge generating zones of a normal thundercloud, it is often called a dirty thunderstorm. Lightning has been observed within the atmospheres of other planets , such as Jupiter and Saturn. Although in the minority on Earth, superbolts appear to be common on Jupiter. Lightning on Venus has been a controversial subject after decades of study. During the Soviet Venera and U. Pioneer missions of the s and s, signals suggesting lightning may be present in the upper atmosphere were detected.

Radio pulses recorded by the spacecraft Venus Express which began orbiting Venus in April may originate from lightning on Venus. Thunder is heard as a rolling, gradually dissipating rumble because the sound from different portions of a long stroke arrives at slightly different times. When the local electric field exceeds the dielectric strength of damp air about 3 million volts per meter , electrical discharge results in a strike , often followed by commensurate discharges branching from the same path.

See image, right. Mechanisms that cause the charges to build up to lightning are still a matter of scientific investigation. Rison Lightning may be caused by the circulation of warm moisture-filled air through electric fields. Researchers at the University of Florida found that the final one-dimensional speeds of 10 flashes observed were between 1. The earliest detector invented to warn of the approach of a thunder storm was the lightning bell. Benjamin Franklin installed one such device in his house.

Lightning discharges generate a wide range of electromagnetic radiations, including radio-frequency pulses. The times at which a pulse from a given lightning discharge arrives at several receivers can be used to locate the source of the discharge. The United States federal government has constructed a nationwide grid of such lightning detectors, allowing lightning discharges to be tracked in real time throughout the continental U.

Scary Lightning strikes captured from planes.

Electromagnetic pulses transmitted by lightning strikes propagate within that waveguide. The waveguide is dispersive, which means that their group velocity depends on frequency. The difference of the group time delay of a lightning pulse at adjacent frequencies is proportional to the distance between transmitter and receiver. Moreover, the eigenfrequencies of the Earth-ionospheric waveguide, the Schumann resonances at about 7.

In addition to ground-based lightning detection, several instruments aboard satellites have been constructed to observe lightning distribution. The movement of electrical charges produces a magnetic field see electromagnetism. The intense currents of a lightning discharge create a fleeting but very strong magnetic field.

Where the lightning current path passes through rock, soil, or metal these materials can become permanently magnetized. This effect is known as lightning-induced remanent magnetism, or LIRM.

When Lightning Strikes: The Return of Panggau Warriors When Lightning Strikes: The Return of Panggau Warriors
When Lightning Strikes: The Return of Panggau Warriors When Lightning Strikes: The Return of Panggau Warriors
When Lightning Strikes: The Return of Panggau Warriors When Lightning Strikes: The Return of Panggau Warriors
When Lightning Strikes: The Return of Panggau Warriors When Lightning Strikes: The Return of Panggau Warriors
When Lightning Strikes: The Return of Panggau Warriors When Lightning Strikes: The Return of Panggau Warriors
When Lightning Strikes: The Return of Panggau Warriors When Lightning Strikes: The Return of Panggau Warriors

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